International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day, 2020, Edition 10x + 1 AP
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I normally go alone to the demonstration on the 8th of March and as Zurich isn’t so big I usually find familiar faces once I get to the starting point. This year the feeling was different than what I had experienced before. Everyone was masked. Although the patterns and the colors of the individual masks were original, there is something very intimidating about a masked person. It provokes fear, invokes power. The facial expression of someone is reduced to their eyes, the way they stare and the intensity of their look. The elaboration of the disguises, the details on the masks, the outfits of the demonstrators made me also be interested in the same aspects on the police officers. They were also desguised. The robot-like and armed-loaded uniforms, the way they hid behind their helmets and shields, their presence.

These images are the result of my interest on the aesthetic of the demonstration for the International Women’s Day. Specially on the power of the eyes and the stare.

Set views of theater show *> A.R.T 21” at Microteatro por Dinero in Madrid – August 2021
©Alicia Olmos Photography