Hallenbad, 2018
Urban Landscapes
visual story | exhibition

    Hallenbad City Zurich II, 4/5
    Tempo, 5/5

    Un respiro, 4/5

    Facade, 5/5

    Swimmers, 4/5

    Hallenbad City Zurich, 0/5 - sold out

Hallenbad, 2018, 50x70cm (or similar), Edition 5x + 1 AP
Prints available (Check image foot note) - contact alicia@olmosochoa.com
Hallenbad is a photo series of Hallenbad City Zurich. It investigates the relationship between light, water, architecture and analog photography.
This concept was realized in 2018 for group Exhibition Kunst Zuhause in Zurich. The series has been exhibited as well in 2021 in the exhibition “Urban Landscapes.”

Exhibition “Urban Landscapes,” Galerie am Schlossgraben, Vorarlberg, Austria – October 2021