Understanding protest
Understanding protest, 2019, Edition 5x + 1 AP
Prints available - contact alicia@olmosochoa.com
This work constitutes a small chapter of a bigger theoretical research project around the theme of «the aesthetics of protest». It is influenced by the current social and political events that have happened and still do around the world, and inspired by people’s necessity to be heard and seen. I’ve been investigating the protest method of «demonstration» as an act of expression built by specific patterns and elements that repeat themselves regardless of motive, place or time, and plan to research further into this phenomenon in the upcoming year. For Fresh from Zurich I created a collage that visualizes my theoretical research process: the complexities of the outside and the need to understand such complexities in the inside.

Exhibition views at “Fresh from Zurich” in Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich – February 2019
©Alicia Olmos Photography