Corona Portraits
Corona Portraits, 2020, Publication 
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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) arrived in Europe in February of 2020. Slowly all countries started taking measures, some more strict than others, to slow the infections and prevent the hospitals from collapsing. This Pandemia, which no one expected, has been and still is very hard for everyone around the world. Staying at home, not having physical contact with people, wearing masks, wearing gloves, and being patient are the new rules.
I’ve been at home since the past 18th of March, trying to keep myself busy and productive. I’ve seen people (on the internet) take the “chance” of Corona to be creative, as an inspiration. I always hear that the “best” art comes from situations of crisis. I don’t agree entirely but it’s true that quarantine is giving everyone one thing: time. Time to think, reflect, create, observe, etc. People record themselves making music, doing home-workouts, cooking, telling a joke, and they share it to feel less alone.
All this time got me thinking about what I can add to the table, for myself and for others. As a photographer, staying at home, the possibilities suddenly reach a limit.

I took pictures of my things, my plants, my flatmates, my windows, myself. However what I missed the most was people and the intimacy of portraying someone.

Corona Portraits is an ongoing series of photographic portraits taken via Zoom/Skype/Facetime of people in their homes throughout the quarantine. I set up an appointment with the person being portrayed and we meet through one of the named platforms. Together we choose a location at their house to frame the portrait. Through our conversation I’m able to get to know the person better and viceversa, which makes us both feel safe and calm in a very intimate setting. Our home has always a very private atmosphere, it talks about ourselves and how we are.
I’m interested in portraying our state of calm, longing, wait, boredom and patience, throughout the quarantine.

I publish one Corona Portrait each day on my website and on my Instagram account. Texts and portraits can be found on Instagram @aliciaolmosochoa or in the publication, see below.